Help! I Need Somebody: How to Hire & Effectively Manage E-commerce Staff

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Originally Aired - Sunday, July 11 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Location: B130

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Title: Help! I Need Somebody: How to Hire & Effectively Manage E-commerce Staff


Running an e-commerce storefront is a different beast than operating a retail location. E-commerce management requires specific skills and knowledge to create and manage the ecommerce website, smoothly operate cloud-based content management systems, work with large amounts of data (SKUS, photographs, descriptions), set up payment gateways, maintain secure transactions, handle customer service for online shopping questions, and more. You need, in effect, an entire team to run a streamlined operation and possibly a different team than your existing staff. How do you, especially if tech is not your specialty, hire and manage your tech team? Instead of throwing up your hands and struggling, attend this session and leave with job description templates, worksheets for planning, videos, and information to help you confidently hire, train, and manage remote data entry specialists, web developers, web strategists, website managers, ecommerce marketing specialists, and more.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Business Operations

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